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Karen E. Lovelund

District Manager, Campus Services


Women are occasionally overlooked for Facilities Management positions because they don't have a "Hard FM" (Facilities Management) background. Today, more colleges and professional organizations have Facilities Management programs, and women should look at these certifications and opportunities to gain that "Hard FM" background. Get involved in summer internships that are field-related. Field experience and training will give you credibility in the FM Industry.

Tina Reitsma

District Manager, School Services


The future for women in Facilities Management and Engineering is booming. There are definitely leadership opportunities in healthcare, schools and campus environments. More and more, our clients are looking for the facilities expert who can also be a strong leader. Women can excel with knowledge in areas like safety, regulatory compliance, capital planning and engineering design.

Joseph Brutto

Facilities Solution Developer
Columbia, SC


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

After 25+ years on the operations side of facilities management, I was very interested in expanding my knowledge and experience on the business development side of facilities management. My current role as a Solution Development Manager supporting Sodexo Health Care’s Facilities Management Business Development allows me to develop and create solutions that will add value for our clients so they can focus on their core business while we support their facilities management needs.

What do facilities management careers look like at Sodexo?

As a company, Sodexo is the only facilities management provider to offer comprehensive asset management capabilities globally and to clients in diverse segments ranging from corporate and healthcare to manufacturing, mining and oil and gas, which means we can offer a career full of variety, challenge and tremendous growth opportunities.

At Sodexo, we partner with clients to help them attain their strategic vision by developing facility management service solutions that increase the effectiveness of their people, enhance their business processes and optimize their infrastructure, which delivers tangible outcomes. Our clients depend on our facilities managers’ expertise to help them to optimize their business.

As such, the contribution of facilities management services to Sodexo’s revenues continues to rise, reaching 28% in 2014. This reflects the increasing demand of Sodexo’s clients for integrated services, as well as the industry-leading technical expertise of its teams, an expertise which is backed by the implementation of Sodexo’s Asset Management Framework. The framework enables the capture and standardization of best practices across all sites.

Therefore, Sodexo facilities engineers are proficient in project management software and financial accounting systems and have technical design knowledge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Our facilities managers train and lead teams of employees and manage their unit and client relationships. And, we offer varied career options to match individual interests, such as managing overall Plant Operations and Maintenance or specializations in Energy or Clinical Technology Management.

What education should candidates consider to begin their career? 

There is a small, but growing number of colleges and universities that offer degrees in facilities management. Obtaining a college degree is just the beginning. Additionally, there are many certifications in facilities management that are available and are very beneficial to aspiring or growing professionals in this area.

It’s also important to understand that this business has evolved to a point where just knowing facilities management (boilers, chillers, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) doesn’t cut it anymore. Facilities management professionals today must possess/pursue equally important skill sets in financial/business acumen, as well as strong communication/relationship skills.

What does the future hold for facilities management careers?

This career field continues to evolve as more and more responsibilities are being placed upon facility management professionals. Sustainability is even moving in a new direction now; where in years past it was more geared towards new construction, today serious discussions are taking place on how to take existing structures and make them more sustainable through innovative ideas. As these and other best practices evolve, careers will continue to expand and grow as well.

What advice would you give candidates who are looking to grow their career with Sodexo? 

Network, network, network! You need to begin building relationships with Sodexo’s facilities teams and recruiters. And, as you search for jobs, set strong goals and objectives for yourself, know where you want to land, and be strategic in choosing positions that match your qualifications and will naturally lead to career growth. Once on board, Sodexo has a number of tools to proactively manage your career, as well as numerous professional development opportunities to support your career objectives.

Venus McCoy

General Manager, Shell Oil, Houston, TX


What do you get out of your current role that you couldn't get from any other work?

I get satisfaction from a job well done. Having two great mentors helped me gain knowledge from different resources and afforded me the ability to think differently and bring my whole self to work. Many dimensions of diversity are alive and well in this organization such as gender and minority, to name a few. This personally allows me to contribute to my full potential. Sodexo provides many development and training resources that facilities, engineering and energy management professionals can tap into, including professional certifications and Lean Six Sigma concepts.

How have you grown to succeed at Sodexo?

Being a General Manager at Shell Oil has challenged a different side of me. I have a very supportive leadership team that encourages me and thus brings out my creative side and strengthens my areas of development. This has allowed me to build a very strong collaborative relationship with the client and can ultimately represent Sodexo proudly.

How do you go “above & beyond” for a client?

One of my responsibilities is conducting tours of our site for “VIPs” from overseas. One area that we did not manage was the labs, which was not up to par by Sodexo standards. I knew the tours would lead to the labs and approached the client, stating that my team could get them deep-cleaned and could refinish the floors to enhance their beauty. My client agreed and the tour was a success. In turn, I received lots of compliments, as they expected something simple, but in reality, they were wowed because we took the time to go above and beyond a simple cleaning.

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering a career in FM?

In my current role, there is so much room for creativity and I truly enjoy it, considering my background in hospitality and degree in arts. This kind of work gives me enthusiasm and continually re-inspires me. Every career field has its challenges, but so does everything in life! If you take the chance and go for it, you’ll quickly see that being a General Manager for Sodexo a very satisfying career.

Loraine Ungano

Senior Manager, Contracts Administration, Sodexo Corporate Services


Loraine has worked as a facilities professional in the R&D environment for the last 25+ years in a number of different capacities. Before joining Sodexo, she was employed as a Space Management Consultant.

In this capacity, Loraine provided guidance and support to one of Sodexo’s R&D clients to analyze and program the site adjacencies to meet their re-organization initiatives, including preparation of conceptual designs for renovating existing space as well as for the construction of a large R&D building. She is currently working on a global pharmaceutical account, responsible for all aspects of third-party subcontracts from RFP to service implementation of both SDX and managed contracts.

Loraine is an active member of IFMA (since 1990), including the IFMA R&D Council, the IFMA Corporate Services Council and the NJ IFMA Chapter. She actively holds the Certified Facilities Manager (CFM) and Sustainable Facilities Professional (SFP) and OSHA 10 Hour Certifications.

Achievements at Sodexo: 2009, 2010, 2011 Sodexo Team Spirit Nominee; 2013 Client Segment Gold Winner – Team Spirit and 2013 Spirit of Sodexo Platinum Award.

Predictions for the FM Industry:
“I predict that as corporations continue to merge, optimize their workforce and facilities and look to be more efficient all around, the Facilities Professional needs to adjust and find creative ways to be transparent in providing high-quality services with less — such that the customer doesn’t notice things are shrinking around them. It’s all about client/customer-facing/engagement, service delivery and good corporate citizenship.”

Kimberly Egloff-Boehm

Intrinsic Coach® Director, Quality of Life Services, Sodexo Corporate Services


For the last four years, Kimberly Egloff-Boehm has been the Director of Quality of Life Services for Sodexo with a large pharmaceutical account. Her original responsibilities included U.S. oversight of employee wellness programs, 10 on-site fitness centers and program integration of food and fitness delivery.

In 2012, Sodexo was asked to develop innovative service approaches for this account’s double-platinum Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) building in Philadelphia’s up-and-coming business campus, The Navy Yard. It was at this time the concept of a Workplace Concierge service emerged. Kimberly has developed this program, which includes a team of nine and supports customers in all aspects of workplace services, such as meeting room and event management, AV support and catering. On average, the team participates in more than 1,300 customer service interactions per month. In addition to the entire Navy Yard Transition Team, Kimberly was a recipient of the 2013 Spirit of Sodexo Platinum Team Spirit Award.

Since being given this stretch opportunity, Kimberly continues to provide support to the Fitness Program, oversees the Meeting Service line for U.S. sites and was recently appointed to the U.S. Transformation Team.

Predictions for the FM Industry:
“Although relatively new to the FM industry, I have already seen so many changes in client expectations. FM used to be solely about providing specific services in a designated space, and now it is growing into providing an experience in that space.”

Teresa C. Williams

Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Americas, Sodexo Provider for Nokia, Irving, TX


Teresa has worked since 1994 as an environmental occupational health specialist in a variety of industrial environments. She developed and managed a comprehensive and highly successful industrial environmental, health and safety program at a 2m square foot electronics manufacturing facility with over 4,500 employees. She presently manages the environmental compliance and sustainability strategy for Nokia. She has evolved, along with the changing markets within manufacturing and facility management, to bring innovation and implementation of sustainable practices and technology.

Innovation has been a key element for the client and achieved through business case development for the purchase and implementation of fuel cells at the Sunnyvale Nokia property. This project has reduced the site’s CO2 emissions by 85% and is the only site in the Nokia portfolio that produces direct renewable energy from bio-gas. Teresa works with FMs to optimize building system performance in efforts to reduce energy consumption and drive cost savings to the client. Employee awareness is facilitated at the sites to educate and engage employee participation in sustainable activities that they impact with their behavior, such as energy savings, reduced water consumption, increased recycling and waste avoidance through improved purchasing practices.

At the heart of Teresa’s success in developing industrial environmental, health and safety programs is an innovative approach that combines her proven technical expertise with excellent management and communication skills, to identify problems and solutions, while engendering management commitment and employee involvement in the program development process.

“Teresa is a true professional in the world of Sustainability and Operational Health and Safety. She is the Global Sustainability lead for our client, providing expertise to establishment of their program, as well as support through numerous corporate restructure events. She has provided direction and has been responsible for many winning sustainability programs for a large communications company. In addition to her global responsibilities, she manages the Sodexo OHS program for our employees on this account.” – Chris Thomas Vice President, Operations Sodexo Facilities Management

Rick Latham

Resident District Manager, Microsoft Devices Group, Irving, TX


Rick is the Resident District Manager for Microsoft Devices Group. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University. Rick has 20 years of experience at both the national and regional level in corporate facilities management and commercial office property management. He started with Sodexo in January 2013 as a General Manager, providing full facility services to a global communications account for a 250,000 square foot corporate office and a 70,000 square foot critical data center in the Dallas, Texas area.

In this role, Rick reduced electrical costs in the corporate office by $12,000/month by reducing HVAC run times and lighting schedules to more closely coincide with the employees’ work schedules.
In addition, Rick’s team completed over $300,000 in major repairs to the chill water system, emergency generators and UPS systems with zero interruption or downtime to the client’s operations and servers at the data center.

Rick was promoted to Resident District Manager in October 2013, overseeing the facility operations for over 1 million square feet for a large communications business in the U.S.

Predictions for the FM Industry:
“I believe that facilities management will continue to provide great opportunities, as more and more corporations are looking to partner with companies that can provide solutions to a constantly evolving workplace and workforce.”

Juan Soler

Energy Manager, The University of Tampa (UT), Tampa, FL


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

I was recruited to Sodexo by a current employee who utilized Sodexo’s Employee Referral Program, Star Finder. We met through our mutual participation and involvement in an international professional association, and when the energy manager opportunity became available at the University of Tampa (UT) campus, she invited me to apply.

I received my Bachelor of Science from UT, so the prospect of working with Sodexo at UT offered me the opportunity to return to my alma mater campus and provide leadership and value in their sustainability practices. I am very glad to have been selected.

What is your typical day like?

The University of Tampa has partnered with Sodexo to initiate a utility reduction plan. I am responsible for developing effective energy management practices, promoting sustainability, reducing utility waste on campus, and evaluating school facilities for efficiency in over fifty university buildings, including ten residence halls.

I also prepare and present recommendations related to support activities, capital projects, and purchased products and services aimed at increasing program efficiency to senior Sodexo and UT staff for consideration. My daily activities are evolving as I become more familiar with the utility service providers and the operational needs of the campus.

What is the best part about working for Sodexo?

Since joining Sodexo in late 2013, I have been impressed with how the company treats its employees. Sodexo provides individual onboarding and training for personal and professional development. As it pertains to the company’s corporate culture, I appreciate that Sodexo supports the personal growth of its employees by promoting from within. For such a large organization, Sodexo seems to recognize each individual employee.

It is a pleasure to work for a company that embraces its clients with honor and appreciation. I see this awareness in action with Sodexo’s daily behavior toward the needs of UT. Sodexo has a team of dedicated professionals, both in-house and at the corporate level, who provide a responsive approach to address any requirements demanded by the university. The Sodexo staff understands the prestige of this university with its students, employees, and the Tampa Bay community.

What motivates you?

My parents instilled in me the concepts of respect; not only for myself, but also for others. With that respect comes the initiative to seek out a better understanding of people and their intrinsic value beyond performing a work-task. Building a community, or network, within the organization motivates me; driven by opportunities that enable me to serve others while utilizing my education and skills.

Kwame Watkins

Senior Product Manager, Sodexo Solutions Center


I started my career with Sodexo Canada in a summer internship role while completing my bachelor's degree in engineering. My first assignment in maintenance and operations was exceptionally fulfilling and set in motion my successful career with the company. The Sodexo support and resources propelled my career forward, and in quick succession I moved into a construction project manager position with Sodexo USA in the Education division.

In my current role, I will support product and offer development — the process of developing services offered to our clients from concept to implementation. I am excited about the opportunity as it offers me the opportunity to develop and create solutions that will add value and improve the quality of daily life for both our clients and employees.

Bob Pfeifer

District Manager East - Laundry Division, Lansing, MI


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

A career progression led me where I am today. With each job and move (13 over 10 years), I took on additional responsibility at larger facilities. After achieving the most successful new opening ever for the laundry division, I was chosen for my current role.

What is your typical day like?

I am responsible for the complete operations at 7 different laundry facilities from Lansing, MI to Miami, FL. My responsibilities include profit & loss functions, as well as growing relationships with our clients. I also participate in new business surveys and cost modeling for the laundry sales team. An average day starts early with a trip to the airport. Depending on the week, I may travel to three or four states. It is important and necessary to juggle multiple concerns and to quickly be able to switch gears as they relate to one facility and client or another.

What are some of the challenges you enjoy most?

For me the laundry process has always been simple: find the best way to get from point A to point B and make sure everyone knows how to do it. That is not always easy when you could be relying on 100-plus people to be successful. Getting the team to buy in and share my vision is a major challenge.

What's the best advice you could give to someone looking to get into your field?

Learn the business by doing it. Start at the bottom and see what it is like to soil sort, run the washroom and feed sheets. In order to know what your facility is capable of, you need to understand how the processes/equipment work.

Learn more about a career with Sodexo in Facilities Management.

Darrel Foster

General Manager, Engineering, Houston, TX


Sodexo fosters career growth opportunities that consider your aspiration and needs

For over twenty-five years, Darrel Foster has been a General Manager in Facility Management with Sodexo. With a BS in Political Science and Biology from Xavier University, he started out as a GM in the janitorial and food service industries and quickly acquired several multi-units. Through the years, he developed into a “go-to” person for the training of new GMs in Facilities Management and currently oversees four facility units in Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. Ongoing training through Sodexo keeps Darrel current with industry trends.

Recognition for innovative contributions

At his main location in Houston, Darrel created significant savings by reducing wattage in overhead lighting throughout the two-story, 93,000-square-foot building. In 2010, along with his colleagues, Darrel won Sodexo's Spirit of Progress Award.

The future of Facilities Management

Darrel predicts that Facilities Management will soon be the number one job in the country, since more and more companies are outsourcing managers to come in and run their businesses. This trend will require tomorrow's Facility Manager to be a well-rounded individual who takes ownership of a broader scope of responsibilities, including janitorial and housekeeping services, maintenance, HVAC, nurturing vendors, building renovations and more.

Learn more about Facilities Management opportunities with Sodexo at

Richard McLaughlin

Regional VP for Operations, Sodexo - Healthcare Systems Division, Charleston, SC


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

Prior to my current role, I spent a year helping launch our Right Start Resource Mobilization team, which supports the new unit opening process. The opening of a new site is a critical phase in determining the future success of our client partnerships. By serving on this team, I helped create a positive first impression during the start-up process. My career prior to that included positions as a Retail Manager, General Manager and District Manager in Healthcare.

What professional development steps did you take to improve your chances of being promoted?

I volunteered for everything! There is always a new unit opening or a challenge to be tackled somewhere at Sodexo. It's important to let your manager know your ideas to help solve these problems and, in turn, help the company grow. When you volunteer to be a part of new projects, you'll meet a lot of people, including leaders in the organization. The leaders I've met provided me with valuable mentoring throughout my career. I am still learning from them every day!

What advice would you give candidates who are looking to grow their career with Sodexo?

My advice is twofold. First, challenge yourself with a new project or brush up a skill and become the “go to” person. Second, don't be afraid to take a lateral move to learn something new. You'll be more knowledgeable in your field and bring more perspective to your new position.

Wallace Peterson

General Manager - Mailroom, Warehouse and Shipping and Receiving
Kimberly-Clark in Georgia


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

I was an hourly employee with Xerox Business Services at their client account Kimberly-Clark for eleven years as a Customer Account Associate. When Sodexo won the contract to be the new Facilities Management contractor, the management team approached me to come aboard with them. I did some research on the company and decided to take them up on their offer.

Prior to being promoted into Sodexo management, I was an hourly supervisor for approximately three years in the Reprographics Department at Kimberly-Clark.

What professional development steps did you take to improve your chances of being promoted?

Sodexo's professional development program allowed me to grow into my role as a GM and move up in my career. Using Sodexo's in-house Learning and Performance Center, I gained experience and knowledge in the shipping and receiving department. I also received mentoring from my manager and completed additional training/certification programs. Together, all of this enabled me to gain the knowledge and skill set that I currently have.

What advice would you give an external candidate who is looking to come on board with Sodexo?

I would stress that the most important thing is to bring a positive team player attitude and demonstrate that you are willing to work hard and be flexible and adaptable to change. And, you are ultimately responsible for going after the career you want – so learn all you can and build your resume. When you have the skills to advance yourself, you will be a top candidate for opportunities when they are available.




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