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Brandon McCraney

Regional Sales Director, Sodexo Energy Construction Services
Air Force: Captain, Acquisitions Officer
Discipline: Facilities


Prior to joining Sodexo in 2011, Brandon McCraney served in the United States Air Force from 2004-2008 as a Captain, Acquisitions Officer. Not knowing exactly where his civilian career would take him, Brandon looked to recruiters in his network to review his resume before his discharge to help translate his military experience into language that would resonate with civilian hiring managers. Knowing the challenge and the importance of using language that connects experience with the opportunity, Brandon now helps other veterans with this process.

After being introduced to the Energy Industry through his first role out of the Air Force, he saw the push for sustainability and realized the impact of energy costs on a business. Seeing a future, he learned everything he could about the industry and earned his second Master’s Degree, in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University, to continue to grow his knowledge in the field.

Finding his niche, Brandon was able to relate his leadership experience in the military with his career at Sodexo. “In the Air Force, I had to be able to work with many different commands to complete a mission. At Sodexo, I work across all of the business segments and need to be able to navigate the hierarchy to build consensus within the division and with the client.”

A continual learner, Brandon thrives on the development and training opportunities available through Sodexo. “I have a great boss who’s been supportive of any suggestions I have for training. I also see that in the field with our Operations team, taking classes and supporting other units with best practice training. Professional development benefits both the company and the employees.”

Advice for veterans: Brandon urges veterans to be confident in their ability to learn new skills. “That’s what’s great about Sodexo. You can take your career ten different directions, depending on the skills you pick up along the way. You can go from Facilities Management to Strategy, or Operations, or Sales. Not all companies offer that.”

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